SnoCream Company

We combine equal parts milk and water, add natural flavors ( our unique formula) and freeze the mixture into a cylinder. A machine that looks like a cross between a meat slicer and a stand mixer shaves ribbons off the ice chunk as it spins it over a blade. When the sheets come off the blade, they fold on top of each other into crinkly layers.

Snocream Company is an innovative food truck, that’s not necessarily a “food truck”. The first of its kind, Snocream Company took a vintage school bus and had it completely renovated into a miniature café, where you can order, eat and hang out from the inside. With ice cube seats that glow, upbeat music, and lit with bright colorful lights, you literally cannot miss it. Snocream Company offers unique fusion desserts that include shaved snow, macarons, and bubble tea line! Snocream Company offers over 12 snow flavors, more than 45 toppings, and numerous drizzle options.The combinations are endless...

What is SNO?